Using CSI Format for Organization
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Using CSI Format for Organization

Sep 13, 2013
Presented By:  Amanda Berry


While CSI® is already set as a standard in Land F/X, it can seem overly complex and daunting to use at first, prompting many to default back to named folders and letter tags/codes. In this webinar, we'll go through the time-saving benefits our firm has found by using the CSI® method of organizing information, including widespread use beyond Land F/X to better coordinate your entire office. Efficiency is always key to keeping costs in line, and we'll show you one way to a better workflow that isn't as hard to transition to as you might think.

Link to the website: 
RS Means Cost Data Books

"I actually found that the RS Means Cost Data book had a few more examples of items within the divisions too to help people decide where everything should go. I think it even has a few more divisions for planting and landscape items than the Master List does." - Amanda Berry

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