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Plant Schedules

Land F/X provides a wide range of options for configuring a Plant Schedule for your landscape design. We’ll show you how to organize your columns and include or omit elements such as plant symbols, codes, cost estimates, spacing, and plants from your Xrefs. Join us to explore these choices and pick up valuable insights for crafting your ideal schedule....

Paul Houchin

Presented by Paul Houchin

Broadcasting live: Sep 29, 2023


Our Reference Notes (RefNotes) and detail system might just be the tools you never knew you needed to kick your hardscape construction plan workflow into high gear. We'll show you how much time you can save by using RefNotes instead of generic blocks, hatches, or lines to represent everything from furniture and other amenities to pavers and fencing. You'll then learn how to link those RefNotes with details, allowing you to harness smart callouts ...

Amanda Marin

Presented by Amanda Marin

Recorded: Sep 15, 2023

Grey Water Reuse: Domestic and Commercial Application

As our water and energy resources continue to dwindle, conservation is more important than ever. Greywater systems can play a major role in those efforts by capturing, cleaning, and storing wastewater from buildings for immediate and future reuse. Join Sam Milani, managing director of Grey Flow Grey Water Reuse Systems, for a presentation on the use of greywater systems installed for domestic and commercial irrigation. After an introduction to cu...

Sam Milani

Presented by Sam Milani

Recorded: Aug 25, 2023

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