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Design a Vertical Planter

Learn a new skill with a simple application that can be extrapolated to many other scenarios. We'll take a simple vertical planter, where the plant symbols and irrigation system would normally stack on top of each other in plan view and be illegible, and break these items out into a legible planting plan with connected irrigation that any contractor should be able to read, understand, and build exactly as intended. We'll use tools such as Detail ...

Amanda Marin

Presented by Amanda Marin

Broadcasting live: Apr 23, 2021

Intro to Water Gardens

Scott Finn of The Pond Guy has a wealth of experience creating ponds and other eye-catching features that contribute to a stunning water garden. In this guest presentation, Scott will go over some of the key components of water gardens and discuss feature types and placement. He'll also go into some of the more technical requirements of water garden design, including environmental impact, liner and pump sizing, as well as basic pond design, const...

Scott Finn

Presented by Scott Finn

Recorded: Apr 16, 2021

Wishlist Discussion

Our wishlist of requests from Land F/X users is among the main drivers of new features we engineer into the software. Each year, our development team scours this list to prioritize which exciting new functionality should come next. You'll learn how we determine what's a priority and what's on tap for this year, but more importantly, we want you to bring your list of hopes and dreams for what we should add to Land F/X. Don't miss this rare opportu...

Jeremiah Farmer

Presented by Jeremiah Farmer

Recorded: Mar 26, 2021

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