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Revit® for Planting Design

Let's continue our series on our new Planting F/X for Revit Plugin. This time, we'll focus on more tools and show how to tackle more complex workflows in Revit with Planting F/X. We'll go over customizing the defaults, implementing some labeling strategies, editing floor types, and working with multiple views. We'll also showcase some new tools and review our most recent development progress.   Revit® is a restricted trademark of Autodes...

Amanda Marin

Presented by Amanda Marin

Broadcasting live: Apr 21, 2023

GIS Technology - A Bright Future for Irrigation Design

Geographic information systems (GIS) provide data that can prove crucial in helping designers adapt their plans to real-world conditions. Join Hannah Conover for a presentation on GIS as a potentially vital companion to CAD in the irrigation design process. Currently a student at Cal Poly State University and a geospatial relations intern at Blue Diamond, Hannah will draw on her GIS experience with Land IQ and the U.S. Forest Service to showcase ...

Hannah Conover

Presented by Hannah Conover

Recorded: Mar 17, 2023

Understanding Irrigation Calculations

If you've done any irrigation design without the help of software, you're familiar with the staggering amount of effort and calculations required for sizing and otherwise configuring your system. Even when you're using tools developed specifically to help with these calculations, it's important to understand the calculations themselves – what to look for, how to read equipment performance charts, and how to make changes when something fails. Jo...

Jake Lott

Presented by Jake Lott

Recorded: Mar 03, 2023

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