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Making a Decision About Land F/X

Join us for our Virtual Trade Show wrap-up webinar, where we'll guide you through the most important considerations involved in purchasing a new design platform. You'll learn the importance of taking full advantage of your trial, and pick up some valuable tips on implementation. This presentation will leave you with an even better grasp of our software's incredible functionality and flexibility, plus the unmatched levels of time savings, training...

Krystal Bozarth

Presented by Krystal Bozarth

Broadcasting live: Oct 30, 2020

Sheet Setup and Management

Proper configuration of your sheets – the different layouts that make up your drawing set – is a crucial component of design in AutoCAD. Setting up and maintaining sheets for design plans, construction drawings, and other documents is essential for landscape architects. Our Sheet Index is a simple yet incredibly helpful tool for managing your sheets. We’ll explore the Sheet Index and demonstrate our recommended setup process for maximum org...

Paul Houchin

Presented by Paul Houchin

Recorded: Oct 23, 2020

Climate Positive Design – Going Beyond Neutral

It's time for landscape architects to rethink our climate impact. If we work to minimize the carbon emissions from the built environment, we can help solve the climate crisis. The Climate Positive Design Challenge is a call to action that empowers designer and client alike to foster a better designed environment. Join Eustacia Brossart of CMG as she lays out the Challenge and demonstrates the latest version of Pathfinder, a free Web-based landsca...

Eustacia Brossart of CMG

Presented by Eustacia Brossart of CMG

Recorded: Oct 02, 2020

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Our software tailors AutoCAD to the needs of landscape architects, irrigation designers, and other professionals. We automate your most tedious tasks and ensure accuracy, giving you more time to design.

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