Working Remotely with Land F/X
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Working Remotely with Land F/X

Need to set up Land F/X to work from home or another remote location? Your steps will depend on whether you are currently using Single-User or Multi-User Land F/X.

Single-User or Multi-User Land F/X?

If you’re not sure which one you have, ask your IT administrator or send us a technical support ticket and we can help you find out.



Most offices are Multi-User. Licenses are installed on either a shared online folder or a central server in your office and accessible by multiple users.



This installation type is often used by sole proprietors who usually only work on one computer, or by designers who are the only Land F/X user in their office. Your license is stored on your computer, along with any laptop or other computer where you've installed it.


Single-User Land F/X


Do you plan to use the same computer remotely that you've already been using with Land F/X?

 Yes, you plan to use the same computer:

If so, your computer is already set up for you to work remotely. You can start working.


 No, you plan to use a different computer remotely, such as a home computer or desktop:

1. Make sure the computer you plan to use remotely has the following items installed:

  • Your licensed version of AutoCAD or F/X CAD
  • Single-User Land F/X

First, check whether you have CAD and Land F/X installed on the computer you plan to use remotely. If not, you can then:


Important: If the correct version of CAD and Single-User Land F/X are currently installed on this computer, do not attempt to install them at this point.


2. Do you have Cloud or Local Data?

  • If you have Cloud Data, you will already have access to all your Land F/X data and content and can begin working.


  • If you have Local Data, you may need to transfer your Land F/X data from your original computer to be able to access your projects, Preference Sets, and other Land F/X data remotely.

If you have custom blocks, hatches, details, or other content, you’ll also need to copy those items over to an external device such as a USB drive and transfer them to your Land F/X content libraries on the computer you’ll be using remotely.

Multi-User Land F/X


1. Make sure the desktop computer or laptop you plan to use remotely has your licensed version of AutoCAD or F/X CAD installed.

2. Find out whether you are using an office server or shared online folder. Here’s how to find out.

Still not sure whether you are using a server or shared online folder? Ask your IT administrator or send us a technical support ticket.



 What to do if you're using a shared online folder:

Does your office already have the syncing application for the shared online folder set up on the computer you plan to use remotely?

  • Yes: You are set up and can begin working.


  • No: You or your IT administrator will need to:



              You can then begin working.

    Not sure whether you have the syncing application set up, or need help setting it up or mapping a letter drive? Ask your IT administrator or send us a technical support ticket.



 What to do if you're using an office server:

If possible, your office IT administrator should carry out any and all of the applicable steps outlined below.

Don’t have an office IT administrator or otherwise need help? Send us a technical support ticket.



What we recommend:

We highly recommend migrating your Land F/X installation to a shared online folder using Cloud Data. Here’s how.

If you choose to migrate to Cloud, you're all set and can begin working.



Unable to follow our recommendation to migrate to Cloud Data or use a shared online folder?

 If your server install is currently on Cloud Data:

1. Copy your office’s entire LandFX folder from the server onto the individual workstations.

2. Reinstall F/X Workstation from the local system, and begin working.


 If your server install is currently on Local Data:

Option 1 (recommended):

1. Follow our steps to switch to Cloud Data.

2. Copy the LandFX folder from your server to each workstation, including those that will be used remotely by users on your network.

3. Reinstall F/X Workstation from the local machine, and begin working.



Option 2:

1. Complete Steps 1 and 2 of our Migrate Land F/X (Local Data) instructions.

2. Ensure that Multi-User Land F/X is installed on each computer that a user plans to operate remotely.

3. Follow steps 4 and 5 of our Migrate Land F/X (Local Data) instructions on each of these computers. Your users can then begin working.

This step will require an individual Support ID unlock request and approval for each installation.

If you choose this option, keep in mind that your office will then need to worry about re-combining ALL data after all users come back to the server. For this reason, we recommend switching to Cloud Data instead.


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