Tuesday, 16 February 2021
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Every time I open the plant manager then click "New" my AutoCAD opens the dialog box to add plant but freezes. I cannot close out or click away and there are no plants that show up in the list. I then have to open the task manager and end AutoCAD without saving. This happens at least once a day if I am working on a planting plan. 

Is this a common issue with LandFX users? Is there a solution to it?  

Thanks, Amanda



Just to clarify, this happens every time, or only occasionally?



3 years ago

This typically happens the first time I open it for the day. Then it is usually good for most the day but sometimes it will happen again. 



This is certainly unusual.

There is nothing that unusual to the plant data query, other than the fact that it is accessing a planting specific end-point (as opposed to the multiple cloud data calls required to pull up the plant manager).  So it is possible that you have a firewall, or security router, that is blocking the request, seeing it as a stray request to an unknown or un-trusted location.

Before we go down the route of trying to figure that out, I see a fairly easy thing to try as an experiment.  Before clicking New for the first time, instead Edit a plant, and click the "Plant Data >" button.  This accesses a web page from the plant database end-point.  Then close the edit plant dialog, and try clicking New.  If that works, we know that there is some sort of network monitoring, security, or policy in place.  If it has no effect, we will come up with a different theory.



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