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Irrigation design is a uniquely challenging field that requires highly advanced software.
Simplify your process for even the most complex designs using Irrigation F/X - a comprehensive Irrigation Design Software plugin for AutoCAD.

Pipe Sizing

Calculate pipe sizes instantly, while maintaining complete control of your design.

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Customize your irrigation plans easily.

All parts of the plan are customizable. Use your symbols or ours, change your callout styles, and more.

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Reports & Schedules

Instantly produce and customize any schedules or reports. Leave the calculations to us.

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Manufacturer Database

Choose equipment from a database of more than 30 manufacturers, including complete performance data and pre-assigned symbols.

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Take away the guesswork!

Our Schematic Irrigation tools help you visualize your plan without laying a pipe or placing a single piece of equipment.

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Create flawless plans.
Let our Error Checking find every piping error, giving you the assurance that your plan is completely accurate.

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Irrigation symbols

Manufacturers in our database

Irrigation Equipment models in our database

User requests turned into software features

More than just calculations: AutoCAD Tools.

Work from within the industry standard of AutoCAD, armed with an array of tools geared specifically to the demanding requirements of irrigation design.

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  • Land F/X

Our professional landscape and irrigation design plugin for AutoCAD makes specification and calculation simple, giving you the time to design.