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SketchUp Connection

The Land F/X SketchUp Plugin provides a groundbreaking connection between CAD and SketchUp for our users. Pull your CAD site drawings into SketchUp and back into CAD with just a few clicks.

Included in these products:

Give your ideas a new dimension.

Bring your site designs into 3D with our SketchUp plugin. Visualize shadows, plant placement, and other design concepts from a different angle  and make your presentations pop.

What can the SketchUp Plugin do?

• Import/export design changes between CAD & SketchUp
• Base file preparation by layer
• Automatic placement of plant material and site amenities
• Concept lines for site usage diagrams
• Direct access to the Land F/X Plant & Product Connection database, as well as more than 2,500 plant and site models
• Automatically apply chosen materials and colors to site models

Equipment from manufacturers

Site manufacturers.

Access a variety of brand-name site equipment, with corresponding 3D models, directly from SketchUp.

Planting and site visualization.

Combine the Land F/X plugin with high-quality rendering programs like 3DS MAX to create beautiful presentations with your planting and site data still intact.

3d rendering


We maintain SketchUp-related instructional articles to show you how to use every tool that's included in our software. It's all easily clickable and searchable.


Take Lessons

Land F/X friend Daniel Tal is a world-class SketchUp educator who has developed wonderful tutorials, geared toward landscape architects, on this powerful 3D modeling software.
Visit to learn the basics and intricacies of SketchUp.

More Resources

SketchUp is a great program. When combined with third-party rendering tools, it can become an exceptional program.
Vist our Additional SketchUp Resources page to learn more.


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