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Update 19.12
Mar 24, 2023

What was in this update?

  • Water Source, Grading, Lighting, Concept Planting, detail add/remove buttons standardized.

    Photo Callout, Shadow preference saved in Registry.

    HotFix: Verify Plant Labels, hatches with missing area or boundary, boundary rebuild is only fired a single time.

    HotFix: Common function to determine if object is inside of an area, zero-length pipe will not generate error.

    HotFix: Startup, RegApp warning, missing numeric preferences will not generate error.

    HotFix: Detail Explorer, pre-assembles project detail folders assignments and permissions, for better performance when using drag/drop.

    HotFix: Plant Manager, placing a plant with no symbol assigned, after choosing a symbol, manager is refreshed with symbol assignment.

    HotFix: New RefNote, additional error handling when selecting leader arrow.

    HotFix: Common function to lookup irrigation equipment, fixed arc rotor with local data will not generate error.

    HotFix: Common block placement function, missing irrigation functions will not generate error.

    HotFix: BatchMan, when processing layer names and colors, differing color settings for same layer will not generate error; drawing with no objects on source layer will not generate error.

    HotFix: Edit Valve, changing size will not mistakenly remove performance data.

    HotFix: Common function to rebuild hatch boundary, additional error handling for hatch with no area.

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RE: Updating Forum Profile
1 week ago
Well you can change your username in the Portal!...
RE: Updating Forum Profile
1 week ago
I like leftovers. That's a good snippet. I also want to change my name from Seaweed to Steve Cook....
RE: Unable to size system
1 week ago
But please add a response in this section letting all of us in the peanut gallery know what the issue/solution was. Very interesting. Rob, I have to imagine that you have two mainline pipes defined. One with the sizes up to 1-1/2" using PVC sc...

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