Thursday, 16 March 2023
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I've noticed that, if I'm working on a project where I've set my symbol scale to 70%, and I go to work on another project where I had originally set the scale to 100%, the scale will stay at 70%, If I don't catch this quickly, I'm forced to redo work. Shouldn't the scaling preferences stick with only the project they were set to? Thanks!
Tom Lang set the type of the post as  Bug — 1 year ago

Well first, the symbol scaling was never engineered to be changing willy-nilly like that project to project.
You should have two Preference Sets, one at 100%, and the other at 70%, and use them for the projects as necessary.

What you are witnessing, is the issue of the block definition of sprays. Once a block is defined, the system will use that rather than recreate it every time.
But other tools like Copy Along Line will not stop to check for if the symbol scaling has changed, they will just copy the block as is.

Overall, changing the symbol scaling halfway through a project would be the same as changing the scale. You're going to have a mess of things.

I see my mistake... I wasn't paying attention to my preference sets, just changing things. Thanks!

I've had that happen n a project that I picked up from another designer. It was not good, The schedule was all messed up too. I guess that the key is to have separate preference sets and to be sure that when setting up a new drawing it is associated with the proper preference.
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