Lineweight Configuration
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Lineweight Configuration

Land F/X CTB Color to Lineweight

If your office has line color-to-lineweight standards, with a related CTB file, you can change the Land F/X layer line colors to avoid conflicts with your office standards. For more information on this process, see our Change Land F/X Line Colors documentation.


If you're using color-dependent CTB files, review the Land F/X color plot style by opening the drawing LFX Pens, linked here as a DWG:


... and here as a PDF:


Plot the first Paper Space layout tab, which is an 8½ X 11 size sheet, using the LFX.ctb plot style table.


After plotting, review the Model Space colors of this drawing. When plotted, the LFX Pens drawing should look similar to the following:






This drawing indicates Solid Black plotted line colors in six groups of lineweights, starting with 0.13mm (0.005”) to 1.00mm (0.040”), and the various line colors our software uses for each lineweight.


The drawing also indicates the line colors and weights used for drawing the different sizes of irrigation pipe, as well as different lineweights used for a variety of screened (or half-toned) lines or areas. Also indicated are two-line colors that have a 0% screening for use with non-plot layers. By definition, these layers will not plot – even if you accidentally indicate them as plotting.

Lineweight Layer Naming Conventions

Metric units are used for lineweight designation, for logical long-term usability. The foundation for traditional line widths came from technical drawing pens, commonly with sizes 4×0 (0.18mm, 0.007in) through 4 (1.20mm, 0.047in) in ten steps. Land F/X line widths vary from very fine, 0.13mm (0.005in), to very wide, 1.00mm (0.040in), with six steps in widths.


Our software names lineweight widths using a four-character name signifying the width with a metric designation. This naming allows for easy reference to a line width. Our drawing layer name system also uses this naming convention to signify a line width. For example, 025M describes a layer with a line width of 0.25mm (0.010in). A layer to signify text written with a 0.25mm line width color might be named L-TEXT-025M.


The naming of our lineweight widths are as follows:


Name Width Description

  • 013M 0.13mm (0.005in) Extra Fine
  • 025M 0.25mm (0.010in) Fine
  • 035M 0.35mm (0.014in) Medium
  • 050M 0.50mm (0.020in) Broad
  • 070M 0.70mm (0.028in) Extra Broad
  • 100M 1.00mm (0.040in) Wide
  • SM## 0.35mm (0.014in) Medium screened line at percentages of 20% to 80%.
  • SB## 0.50mm (0.020in) Broad screened line at percentages of 20% to 60%.

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