Ping Your Server Name
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Ping Your Server Name


You need to ping your server name.




1. Open the Windows Command line by opening your Start menu, typing cmd.exe in the search box, and selecting cmd.exe from the list of Programs.

Windows Start menu, cmd.exe option




Copy text to place into Command prompt

2. Copy the following text and paste it at the command prompt, replacing "(***your server name***)" with your actual server name:


ping (***your server name***) -4




3. You should receive a response from the server.

  • If you receive the message "Ping request could not find host" or "Request timed out," your server is not responding. You will need to dig deeper to find the problem. You could have a network/DNS misconfiguration, or your server could be down.


  • If your server responds quickly to the Ping command, you can try to put the IP address in the TCP/IP Server field of your ODBC Control Panel and click Test to test it.

How to open the ODBC Control Panel

ODBC Control Panel, TCP/IP Server field and Test button




If this test works, it means that we know two things:

  • Your MySQL server is functioning and responsive, and
  • The server name is not responding.

In either of these cases, you are experiencing a network configuration error. Contact your IT department for help.


If your server responds quickly to the ping BUT your ODBC cannot connect, you'll need to test and configure the MySQL service on the server.

Last modified on May 31, 2022


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