This Product Is Already Installed & Red X (Installing F/X CAD)
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This Product Is Already Installed & Red X (Installing F/X CAD)


You received the following message when attempting to install F/X CAD:

This product is already installed.


You may have also seen:

  • A red "X" appearing next to the version of F/X CAD you're trying to install while on the Configure Installation step of the installation process.


Configure Installation step of F/X CAD installation process with red X showing next to F/X CAD version currently installing




  • A message that the installer requires 0 bytes even though it's run through the entire installation process




This error pops up when you have an additional installation of F/X CAD or AutoCAD from the same year on your computer. You may have attempted to uninstall this product, but it hasn't been completely uninstalled.




Follow our steps to uninstall the other F/X CAD or AutoCAD product.


Still having issues installing F/X CAD? Download and run the Microsoft Fixit tool.

Last modified on May 09, 2022


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