MySQL Errors and Troubleshooting
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MySQL Errors and Troubleshooting


You're experiencing problems with our software that are related to your ability to connect to the MySQL database.

When installed properly, the Land F/X components function together cleanly and efficiently. Due to the software's need for MySQL connectivity, many performance problems will result from network configuration or permissions issues.




Initial MySQL Troubleshooting

The first steps in tracking down any issues with MySQL would be:


1. Verify that the System account (MySQL) and all users have full read/write permissions to the LandFX folder.


2. Verify that MySQL on the server is running and set to "automatic."


3. Verify that Port 3306 is not blocked by any firewalls or anti-virus software. If necessary, create a Windows Firewall exception for Port 3306.


4. Verify the workstations are all using the correct settings in their ODBC entries by Troubleshooting Their ODBC Connections.



Specific MySQL Issues & Errors

Here are some potential MySQL issues, with links to their solutions:

Last modified on Apr 20, 2022


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