Paint Mode Is Not Working
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Paint Mode Is Not Working


You're trying to use our Paint Mode tool when placing plants, but the tool is not working. The plant in your drawing is not being copied and placed in an array, as the Paint Mode tool is designed to do.


Paint Mode may not be working correctly for either of the following two reasons:

  • You're typing T and then pressing Enter. You only need to type T to activate Paint Mode. Pressing Enter will cancel the command.
  • You're attempting to use Paint Mode with Alphanumeric plant symbols. Because of the complexity of the coding behind Alphanumeric symbols, the system does not allow using them with Paint Mode.



As mentioned above, make sure you're just typing T and not pressing Enter when attempting to activate Paint Mode.


Using Alphanumeric plant symbols?


If so, you can change your symbol type to a standard symbol (and of the symbol types besides Alphanumeric) and use Paint Mode to place the symbols where you want them.


You can then use our Edit Plant tool and change the symbol to your desired Alphanumeric symbol.

Last modified on Thursday, 26 May 2022


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