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Grow Your Know! #7

Oct 23, 2019

Published in: Newsletter Archive

Grow Your Know! # 5
October 15, 2019
POWER TIP: Visibility States in Dynamic Blocks
Power Tip: Visibility States in Dynamic Blocks
Our block library contains dynamic blocks that allow you to change the appearance of the placed block on the fly. In this video, we share the process we use to create these blocks using visibility states. With this knowledge, you too can make your block library more dynamic with visibility states.
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GUEST WEBINAR: Land F/X in a BIM Workflow
Guest Webinar: Land F/X in a BIM Workflow
DATE: Friday, October 18, 2019
TIME: 10 a.m. Pacific Time
Presented by Spenser Gruenenfelder of Perry-Becker Design

Join us this week as Spenser Gruenenfelder of Perry-Becker Design, a landscape architecture firm based in Florida, shows you how to use Land F/X with other Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to coordinate with architects, engineers, and other professionals on large projects. He'll go over the current 3D Connection capabilities of Land F/X and demonstrate how these capabilities make it easy to share Land F/X models and data with other disciplines. Spenser will also discuss how his team has employed this process on a project to coordinate and take the lead on BIM coordination and clash detection.
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RECORDED WEBINAR: Evaluating Landscape Performance
Recorded Guest Webinar: Evaluating Landscape Performance
Previously recorded on Oct. 11, 2019
Presented by Megan Barnes of the Landscape Architecture Foundation

Megan Barnes of the Landscape Architecture Foundation explores the concept of landscape performance as a critical tool for landscape architects to advance sustainable outcomes and reach key decision-makers. You’ll learn how to evaluate landscape performance and choose appropriate metrics and methods to evaluate your own projects. Supplemented by resources from the Foundation’s online Landscape Performance Series, the presentation will show how and why an understanding of the myriad benefits of sustainable landscapes is essential for designers, developers, and policymakers who influence land development and want better results.
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