Power Tip: Truecolor Layer States
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Power Tip: Truecolor Layer States

Feb 27, 2014
Recommended By:  Nick Meissner

Suggested by: Nick Meissner of Meissner Landscape.

Here is a Land F/X Power Tip, suggested by new Land F/X user, Nick Meissner.  Land F/X now offers Layer States with Truecolor values. Using the Land F/X Layer State tool, create new or modify existing layer templates. Let me show you how! 


1 Using the F/X Admin dropdown, select the Layer States button.

2 Using the Land F/X browser, select an existing layer state to base your new layers on.

3 Modify Layer colors as you desire.

4 Using the F/X Admin dropdown, select the Save Layer States button.

5 Save your new layer state template and load it into any drawing you desire.


Check out our Layer States documentation for more information!

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