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Power Tip: Runtime Schedule

Mar 21, 2014
Recommended By:  Verdaus Landscape Architects

Suggested by: Verdaus Landscape Architects.

Here is a Land F/X Power Tip, suggested by Tarek Al Sheeti with Verdaus Landscape Architects of Dubai. He mentioned that it took a long time to assemble a valve runtime schedule. The resulting feature needed to allow configuring multiple controller programs, and to assign runtimes to groups of valves, in either minutes or by precipitation rate. 

The summary graph allows a quick graphical display of the multiple valves running, and can be used to see the effects of altering the number of valves running at a time along with other factors. The runtime schedule itself can then display the actual valve firing order. From this single suggestion, the final product took years of development and thousands of lines of code to fully materialize as the single most complex and powerful feature in Land F/X. Thanks, Tarek for the wonderful suggestion!


1 Using the Irrigation Toolbar, select the Runtime Schedules button.

2 Select a number of valves.

3 Enter descriptions

4 Generate a variety of different schedules.

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