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Power Tip: Watering Schedule

May 08, 2014
Recommended By:  Clark Irrigation Design

Suggested by: Michael Clark with Clark Irrigation Design

This week, learn how to create a watering schedule that can be adjusted on the fly by clients.


1 After you have completed the irrigation design, use the Watering Schedule Tool found in the Irrigation Toolbar Dropdown

2 Set the output to Spreadsheet and make any additional adjustments in the dialog box as desired

3 Click OK and the Watering Schedule report will be sent directly to Microsoft Excel

4 In Excel, feel free to make adjustments to the precip rates as needed and notice how the calculations are updated instantly.


The result is a schedule that is flexible and able to be given to the client for revisions instantly. Note, the beauty of this tool is that you have the option to edit any field, not just the one shown in this demonstration!


Visit our Watering Schedule documentation section.

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