Site Furniture Selection and Placement Guides
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Site Furniture Selection and Placement Guides

Oct 04, 2019
Video Length:  43:49
Presented By:  Clayton Mousley of Maglin
Manufacturer Video Type:  site
Manufacturer Video Company:  Maglin

Furniture is just one component in the design of the public realm. As designers and manufacturers, we have to take into consideration the function and goals of the site when designing products and the places they end up shaping. Navigation patterns and intent to use the elements (amenities) within a space are just as important as the aesthetics of the product itself. We focus on people who will use the site – how and when they will do so. A flexible product provides countless layout opportunities and can adapt to the site's functional goals. Follow our design considerations, and learn how to turn your spaces into places.

Webinar Contents:

Note: The following catalog of content covered in this webinar is time stamped to allow you to follow along or skip to sections of the video that are relevant to your questions. You can also search for content on this page using the FIND command in your browser (CTRL + F in Windows, Command + F in Mac OS.)

  • Intro/TOC
  • Background
  • Clayton’s Background in Site Furnishings
  • Why Placement Matters (Examples)
  • Product Function and Selection/Product Placement
  • Bike Racks
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Benches
  • Details
  • Examples
  • Collaboration

0:00 – 2:04: Intro/TOC

2:05 – 4:02: Background

Clayton’s Background in Site Furnishings (2:05)


Why Placement Matters (Examples) (3:19)

4:03 – 29:36: Product Function and Selection/Product Placement

Bike Racks (4:03)


  • Maximum capacity
  • Placement flexibility
  • Security level
  • Site aesthetic
  • Sturdy construction
  • High capacity


Placement considerations (5:51)


Spacing recommendations (7:49)


Tables and Chairs (11:36)


  • Maximum capacity per table
  • Desired use (e.g., cocktail vs. work vs. meal)
  • Umbrellas
  • Movable vs. fixed
  • Accessibility
  • Stacking & movability (or lack thereof)

Table size and capacity (12:58)


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) considerations (13:45)

ADA website


Global Alliance for Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES) considerations (15:15)

GAATES resources


Placement considerations (16:01)


Benches (20:10)

Considerations (20:15)

  • Functions
  • Accessibility
  • Seating Capacity


Seating functions (20:29)

  • Options:
  • Backless
  • Backless with arms
  • Backed


Accessibility (21:32)

Note that ADA Section 903 does not apply to outdoor benches. It’s only applicable for sauna and steam rooms; dressing, fitting, and locker rooms; and holding and house cells.


United States Access Board (USAB) guidelines (22:08)

USAB website

As of webinar time, these guidelines are recommendations, rather than legal requirements.


Seating capacity (23:10)


Placement considerations (24:24)


GAATES considerations for benches (25:40)

GAATES resources


USAB guidelines (26:52)

USAB website


Configuration (27:15)

  • Individual spaces
  • Collaborative
  • Congregational
  • Adaptive

29:37 – 33:03: Details

Site level and shimming (29:51)


Installation instructions (30:40)


Question: Do you have recommendations for specific products to meet disability and mobility requirements? (31:51)

Answer: As long as the products meet ADA guidelines, it’s up to the client ad designer. Spacing is more of a consideration along these lines.

33:04 – end: Examples

Collaboration (33:04)

Types of collaboration that can be created through seating placement:

  • Open (33:50)
  • Functional space (35:08)
  • Specific (36:54)


Resources (38:18):


Question: When it comes to designing new pieces, are you responding to particular industry-specific criteria, or is it a premeditated goal of manufacturers to fit as many different types of furniture as possible? (39:07)

Answer: It can be a little of both.


Question: When requirements come to you from a client, project, or site, how do you meet the challenges of the specific situation? (40:23)

Answer: Maglin has a division dedicated to custom or modified products. Questions along these lines are typically funneled to that division.


Presenter contact info:

Clayton Mousley, Industrial Designer, Maglin Site Furniture

Phone: +1 800-716-5506


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