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How Land F/X Works with Your CAD Standards

May 03, 2013
Video Length:  1 hr. 13 min.
Presented By:  Dave Farmer, Jeremiah Farmer


Many firms have invested a great deal of time and energy in developing a strong set of CAD Standards for their company.  Adopting Land F/X into such an environment doesn't mean abandoning those standards -- in fact quite the opposite, as Land F/X not only can be configured with your standards, it functions as a tool to enforce them.  This webinar will show how you can customize Land F/X to your standards, including the ability to backup your settings, and even migrate them to another office.  So whether you have a single client with very robust standards, or you are considering how to integrate Land F/X into your office, this webinar is a must.  We will start with the basics of Layers, but then quickly move on to topics like Dimensions, Blocks, Schedules, and Details.


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