Sunday, 12 July 2015
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I have a garden with border planting and infill planting. I used a polyline for the infill, then copied and used it as the hole for the border. I now want to resize the infill and associated border.
When I resize the boundary for the infill and click 'Block Data', the label updates the numbers.
When I resize the outer boundary for the border planting, the label updates.
When I resize the inner region for the border planting, the label does not update.

Can I not resize inner regions/holes after creation?
It could be that it stemmed from copying the boundary polyline. Further, a Shrub Area will not be counted if it's associated hatch has been deleted, or un-associated from it's polyline.

But beyond that, I would need to see the drawing to fully troubleshoot it. You can use the Tech Support feature in the software to send it in.

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