Our Default Blocks (Included With Your Installation and Downloadable on Demand)
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Our Default Blocks (Included With Your Installation and Downloadable on Demand)

Much of our software's functionality is based on the placement of blocks into your CAD drawings. In fact, all Land F/X objects (that is, items you add to your Land F/X projects and place in your drawings) are placed in your drawings as blocks. Examples include:

  • Plant symbols
  • Irrigation symbols
  • Site blocks, including Plan Graphics, Elevation Graphics, and Discipline Graphics
  • All labels and callouts
  • Details

>Looking for an introduction to what blocks are, how they work, and how they are created? See our AutoCAD Blocks article.

Our Default Blocks

Your installation also includes a series of DWG files. Each of these files corresponds to its own Land F/X object. (For example, each plant symbol exists in its own DWG drawing among these files.)


Our software is configured to read the files within these folders automatically when you use specific tools. Each time you place a Land F/X object into a CAD drawing, you are actually accessing linework in an existing DWG and inserting it into the current drawing as a block. 

We now offer our blocks as on-demand downloads. Previously, the blocks were downloaded automatically into the LandFX/Blocks folder when you installed our software. Under this new setup, the blocks will live on our website until you select them. When you select a block for the first time, the software will download the DWG source file for that block and place it in the appropriate location in the Blocks folder. Storing our blocks on the Cloud streamlines our installer and allows us to add new blocks dynamically, making them available with a simple software update. For more information, see our Cloud-Based Blocks and Hatches page.

The LandFX/Blocks Folder and Subfolder Structure

Our block files are stored in the Blocks subfolder within your LandFX folder. For information on the structure and contents of this folder, see our LandFX/Blocks Folder documentation section. Note that the objects on these files consist of normal CAD linework and do not exist as selectable single blocks until you place them into a separate drawing. As such, you can easily edit many of these drawings to meet your needs.

Customizing Our Default Blocks

We've put a great deal of effort into producing the source drawings for our blocks over the years, and we think we've done a great job creating a variety of useful and attractive symbols for plants, irrigation equipment, site objects, detail components, and even callouts. However, we understand that different offices have different standards, requiring colors and/or linework that may differ from those of our default symbols.


For this reason, the majority of our default blocks are actually drawings with distinct linework and layers, rather than blocks. We've configured the software to turn them into blocks when you place them in one of your drawings.


This means you can edit our source block drawings to meet your needs and office standards. When you make and save changes to these drawings, you will actually see those changes when you place the edited block in one of your drawings. 


You can also add your own blocks to the system and access them in the same way you would access our default blocks.


For information on customizing and adding to our block library, see our documentation on:

You can also customize the default Land F/X line and layer colors to meet your office standards. For more information, see our Customize Layers documentation page.

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