The Land F/X Hatch Patterns Drawing
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The Land F/X Hatch Patterns Drawing

Forget everything you know about saving and organizing your hatches. As a gift to our users, we've developed a DWG file (linked below) that shows all the hatch patterns available in our software. Our Hatch Patterns Drawing includes slides and descriptions of all hatches that are available in our database. As you hone and add to your office standards for hatches, you can document your changes in this drawing. (It's easier than you think.)


Organized into sections of different hatch types (Groundcover, Site, and Details), this drawing is designed for you print out and integrate into your CAD Standards binder.


The drawing also makes it easy to save your own hatches into the system.



We also recommend using the Hatch Patterns drawing as a backup of any changes you make to our hatches. That way, you can replicate your changes if necessary after a reinstallation, computer loss, etc. When you add or edit a hatch, you'll simply add an entry for that pattern into the Hatch Patterns drawing.

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