F/X Server, MySQL, and ODBC: Definitions (Local Data)
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F/X Server, MySQL, and ODBC: Definitions (Local Data)

Each time you use Land F/X with Local Data, you're actually accessing content from a database. For this process to work, several components need to be in place – and configured correctly.

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F/X Server

Think of the F/X Server as a library containing all information that is necessary for the correct use of our software. This information includes:

  • All of our tools
  • All plant, site, and irrigation data and symbols
  • All callout blocks




If the F/X Server is a library, MySQL is the librarian that accesses the information you request from the software. When you need to use any of our tools, you're retrieving data from the F/X Server with the help of MySQL.




ODBC, short for "Other Database Connectivity," allows you to connect to a MySQL database, which in turn, allows you to connect to the Land F/X Server and your Land F/X data.


Going with our library analogy, think of ODBC as a request form that you fill out for a librarian to bring you a book. When your ODBC is not configured correctly, you will be unable to communicate with MySQL and, as a result, unable to use our software.


If you've tried starting MySQL and are still unable to use our software, you'll need to troubleshoot your ODBC.

Last modified on May 05, 2022


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