Land F/X Moving to Subscription Licensing as of January 1, 2023
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Land F/X Moving to Subscription Licensing as of January 1, 2023

As of January 1, 2023, Land F/X will move to a subscription model for both pricing and licensing. The cost of a new license will drop to match the updated cost of renewing that license. That means when you purchase a new license, you can count on paying that same price for your yearly renewal.


Under this new pricing uniformity – $575 per year (about $48 per month) for Planting F/X and $875 per year (about $73 per month) for Irrigation F/X, billed annually – budgeting for software will be vastly simplified. In addition, the substantially lower price of a new purchase will make it much easier to add new licenses. For instance, let's say you plan to have an intern for the summer: Providing a license for that intern will cost just a few hundred dollars. You'll have the license for the rest of the year, and you can choose whether or not to renew it when the time comes.


Here at Land F/X, we do our best to keep our clients' costs as consistent as possible. However, the inherent expenses of maintaining a growing and ever-improving software company require us to revise our pricing from time to time. Since our last pricing increase in 2018, for instance, we've:

  • Hired a horticulturist to expand and maintain our plant data
  • Added content providers to upgrade and standardize our blocks, hatches, and details
  • Increased our technical support staffing to minimize your wait time and help you get back to work even more quickly when you run into issues
  • Hired an additional programmer to assist with Revit and other projects

Have questions or concerns about our subscription model? See the Subscription frequently asked questions section below.


Increasing our renewal costs by what amounts to a couple hundred dollars per year per license will allow us to continue offering the top-notch software and support you've come to know over the years. And just as before, you can always choose to switch to Local Data before your license expires to keep it functioning if you opt not to renew.


We know it's never fun to hear about a pricing increase, but we hope the lower cost of a new license, combined with the benefits that come with our expanded staffing, will more than make up for this necessary adjustment. Also note that if your license is set to expire in 2023, you'll still pay the current price if you choose to renew before the end of 2022.


In case you have concerns about our new subscription model, my line is open as always.


Jeremiah Farmer

CEO, Land F/X



Subscription frequently asked questions:

• Will my office need to re-purchase all our current licenses at the subscription price?

No. For existing licenses, the new subscription prices only apply to yearly renewals.


• Will my office be forced into making monthly payments?

No. License renewals will be yearly as before. We've just broken them down into their monthly costs above for your reference.


• Will existing licenses be perpetual, with the subscription prices only applying to new/additional license purchases?

No. The subscription model will apply to both existing licenses and newly purchases licenses. Yearly renewals of existing licenses will still be in place, but at the new subscription price. New license purchases will also be at the subscription rate, which will be the same price as the yearly renewal of the same Land F/X license type (Design F/X, Planting F/X, or Irrigation F/X).

Last modified on Sep 14, 2022


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