Text in Callouts / MLeaders Coming In with Wrong Text Style
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Text in Callouts / MLeaders Coming In with Wrong Text Style


You placed a callout, and the text came in with the wrong Text Style – and you're positive you have the Text Style set correctly for the callout you're placing. For example, you might have your Callout Title Text Style set to Roman Simplex but your callouts are coming in with Architect Text.


The issue may be occurring with multileader (MLeader) callouts, including:

  • Reference Notes Callouts
  • Site callouts and text leaders
  • Detail callouts



The system is having a problem creating the style from your callout (in this case, Callout Title). As a result, it's placing your text in the style that's currently active. So if the last text you placed was using the Detail Text style, that style will be applied to your callouts if the Callout Title style can't be created.


This issue ca anve a number of causes. For example, someone may have exploded one of the callout blocks of the type you're trying to place, and then adjusted the text manually. You may also have corruption in your drawing that is preventing the correct definition of the text.



1. Delete all callouts of the type causing the problem from your drawing. For example, if you're having the issue with RefNote Callouts, delete all RefNote Callouts from your drawing.


2. Type PRG in the Command line and press Enter. 


3. Place a callout.

  • Did it come in with the correct Text Style? If so, you've solved the issue. You can re-place your callouts.
  • Did it still come in with the incorrect Text Style? If so, move on to the next step.


4. If the callout you just placed still came in with the wrong Text Style, delete and PRG it.


5. Follow our steps to clean the drawing and all Xrefs. Your callouts should now come in with the correct Text Style.

Last modified on May 23, 2022


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