Your Screen Flashes Several Times When You Place a Schedule in Paper Space
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Your Screen Flashes Several Times When You Place a Schedule in Paper Space


You placed a schedule in Paper Space, and the screen flashed multiple times in a row. This issue may occur with:

  • Plant Schedules
  • Concept Plant Schedules
  • Irrigation Schedules
  • Reference Notes (RefNotes) Schedules and other site schedules


The schedule may have come in fine after the flashing stopped, but the flashing can last 10 seconds or more.



Your drawing includes "smart" hatches that do not have a boundary, which is confusing the Schedule tool you're using.


Depending on which type of schedule you're placing, these hatches may be:

  • Planting areas (including groundcovers or Shrub Areas)
  • Concept Plant areas
  • RefNote hatches
  • "Smart" hatches from one of our site tools such as Estimator, Grading, or Zoning
  • Irrigation drip hatches



1. Right-click on a hatch without a boundary, and select Generate Boundary from the menu that opens.


2. Place the "smart" object (such as a planting area, RefNote hatch, etc.) back into the hatch whose boundary you've regenerated.


3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each "smart" hatch that lacks a boundary.


You should now be able to place a schedule without the screen flashing.

Do not delete the boundaries of planting areas. If their layer is not coming in as a non-plot layer, make sure the Ground Cover edge non-plot and/or Shrub Area hatch non-plot option is selected in the Plant Symbols area of the Planting Preferences. Note that groundcover polyline outlines are on a non-plot layer by default – if they're not coming in as non-plot, make sure this option is checked.

Last modified on May 23, 2022


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