Uninstall & Reinstall Old Land F/X SketchUp Plugin
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Uninstall & Reinstall Old Land F/X SketchUp Plugin


Sometimes an old version of the Land F/X SketchUp Plugin won't upgrade properly to the latest one and will require a manual uninstallation and reinstall the new one.




1. Uninstall the plugin via the Extension Manager.


2. Restart SketchUp.


3. Follow our steps to download and install the Land F/X SketchUp Plugin manually from the Extension Manager.


If the plugin is working correctly, you've uninstalled and reinstalled it successfully.


Still having issues? Move on to the next step.


4. If you're still having issues with the plugin, you'll need to uninstall it manually. First, make sure that the old version is unchecked in your Preferences inside SketchUp:

  • Select Windows/Preferences/Extensions
  • Uncheck LandFX
  • Close Sketchup


5. Delete the Land F/X plugin files manually.


To complete this step, you will need to turn on the "hidden files" in Windows.


  • Open your Start menu, and select Computer. If you do not see the File, Edit, View, and Tools menu options, please press the ALT key once for them to appear.
  • Select Tools > Folder Options > View.
  • Under Advanced Settings, check the Show Hidden Files and Folders box.


6. Now go to the following location (where %user% is your user name and XXXX is your year version of SketchUp):

C:/users/%user%/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup XXXX/sketchup/plugins


Delete all Land F/X files inside this folder.


7. Restart your computer.


8. Follow our steps to download and install the Land F/X SketchUp Plugin manually. Your computer should now have the latest version installed.

Last modified on Apr 20, 2022


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