Plant Outlines Not Showing Up on Some of Your Trees or Shrubs
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Plant Outlines Not Showing Up on Some of Your Trees or Shrubs


You added outlines to your trees and shrubs using our Plant Outlines tool, and the outlines aren't appearing around some of your plants.

Plant Outlines not appearing around plants



If you don't see an outline on one or more of your plants but other plants are outlined, it's a sign that the data has changed on the non-outlined plants since you've placed them.


This issue can be a bigger sign that you are using one Land F/X project for multiple jobs – a practice we do not recommend.



F/X Planting ribbon, Edit Plant button

Open our Edit Plant tool.



Select a plant in your drawing that isn't outlined.




In most cases, you'll only need to click OK in the Plant Info dialog box.

Plant Info dialog box, OK button




Outlines visible on plants




You should now be able to see the outlines on all your plants.



If not, you'll need to do some investigation about how the plant data has changed. You may need to remove the plant from your Land F/X project and add it back.

In general, avoid using one Land F/X project for multiple jobs. We always recommend creating a new project for each new job. To avoid re-creating your plant palette each time you start a project, use project templates to keep master plant palettes.

Last modified on May 26, 2022


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