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AutoCAD & F/X CAD First Steps

New to CAD and need training? Looking to hit the ground running or just pick up some pointers on how CAD works? Here are our resources for your first steps with using AutoCAD.

CAD Videos

Our hour-long webinars and 2- to 4-minute Power Tip videos walk you through some of the most important steps and techniques you'll need to learn at the beginning of your AutoCAD journey.


F/X CAD for New CAD Users Webinar Series

Our trio of F/X CAD webinars is a great starting point for getting to know AutoCAD. Although these videos showcase F/X CAD, this series is a perfect starting point for any CAD user. We go over the most important CAD features and teach you good habits for building a solid drafting foundation.

  • CAD for Beginners 1: Gain some basic familiarity with the software interface so you can jump right into drafting. We'll take you from the ground up, from opening the software to working with file types and using some of the essential drafting tools you see around the screen. (57 min)
  • CAD for Beginners 2: In part 2, we show you how to customize your CAD environment for your personal workflow. We’ll take you from stock CAD to a finely tuned workspace by demonstrating a variety of tips, from setting up your tool palettes to customizing your keyboard shortcuts, that will help you work faster and more efficiently. (57 min)
  • CAD for Beginners 3: Take a deeper dive into the fundamentals of blocks, as well as other drawing-defined items such as layers, MLeaders, and Dimension Styles (DimStyles). We’ll get into some native CAD capabilities to help you understand the basics. Then we’ll show off how Land F/X takes all this functionality to the next level. (1 hr 5 min)


Other CAD Webinars

Go deeper into some of the most important concepts of CAD, from blocks and layers to scale, sheet setup, and external references (Xrefs).

  • CAD Basics: Getting To Know Blocks And Layers: We dive into the hows and whys of blocks and layers when it comes to drafting. Gain valuable insights into fundamental concepts such as "defined," "purge," "redefine," and "source." (1 hr 6 min)
  • Working With Scale: Proper scale practice is not only essential to Land F/X but to the entire fields of landscape and irrigation design. See some scale troubleshooting and learn when and how to use scaling techniques such as splitting your drawing into different scales, scaling details, and changing the scale of your entire drawing. (1 hr 4 min)
  • Sheet Setup: Learn some basics in proper sheet setup. We'll go over cleaning your base files, as well as best practices for Xrefing, creating templates, using the Land F/X Sheet Index, and more. (1 hr 6 min)
  • Metric Sheet Setup: This webinar covers the metric side of our recommended basic methods for setting up your drawing template, which will help prevent imported Xrefs from corrupting your drawing. You'll also learn how to set up your Model Space and Paper Space for proper scaling in metric units for many metric standards, as well as how to use our Sheet Index tool. (1 hr)
  • Browse our other AutoCAD & F/X CAD webinars



CAD Power Tips

These bite-sized instructional videos get right to the point, introducing you to many of the finer points of CAD in just a few minutes. Browse our AutoCAD & F/X CAD Power Tips

CAD Training Articles

These instructional articles lay out the basics in written form, allowing you to follow along at your own pace. Here are some of the highlights:

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