SketchUp: Export Design Tool
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SketchUp: Export Design Tool

You can use the Export Design tool to bring your 3D SketchUp model into CAD, where you can plot your design or continue to draft.



Export to CAD Tool Overview

To open your SketchUp design in CAD, you'll first need to export it from SketchUp into CAD using this tool. You can then open CAD and import your design.

Open the Export to CAD tool:



LandFX toolbar in SketchUp, Export to CAD button


LandFX toolbar, Export to CAD button

Land-FX menu in SketchUp, Export Design button


Land-FX menu, Export Design option

Exporting from SketchUp

In our example, we'll export the SketchUp model pictured below into the 3D Connection Cloud, where we can then import it into CAD.

The units you set in your SketchUp model need to match the units you've set in the associated Land F/X project and CAD drawing. For information on matching your units between CAD and SketchUp, see our Setting the Units in SketchUp documentation.




Before you export your design, you'll need to save it. We've saved our example file under the name Example.


Example SketchUp model




In our example, we'll export the SketchUp model Example into CAD. We've already saved the model, which will allow it to export.


Example SketchUp model, closer view


A closer view of one area of the SketchUp model Example





To export your design, select the Export to CAD tool as described above.


The Land F/X Export dialog box will open, letting you know that you've successfully imported your design into CAD. Click OK to close this dialog box.



Land F/X Export dialog box




The Land F/X Export dialog box indicates that we've successfully exported a SketchUp model into CAD.




You can now import your SketchUp design into CAD using our 3D Connection tool.

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