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Try to Duplicate an Issue or Error in a Blank Drawing

When a Land F/X user contacts us with a technical issue, the first question we will typically ask is whether the user has been able to duplicate that issue in a blank drawing. It's the primary troubleshooting step that can indicate whether or not we're dealing with an issue originating from a particular drawing (often related to drawing corruption) or a deeper-seated problem with the user's installation or operating system.


Note that when we say "blank drawing," we don't mean simply opening a new DWG file. Instead, you'll need to open a drawing based on either the acad.dwt or acadiso.dwt drawing template. Here's how:


1. Close CAD completely and reopen it.















2. Open the Templates menu in the AutoCAD Get Started screen.




3. From the menu, select the appropriate drawing template (DWT file) for the units you typically use:

  • acad.dwt (Imperial units), or
  • acadiso.dwt (metric units)

It's extremely important that you open one of these templates rather than just opening a new drawing file. Your settings could be causing you to open from established drawing templates, and your company's default template may be corrupt. Opening from a brand-new template will ensure that you're starting with a blank slate.

Don't see the template files here? You can easily download them from the Autodesk website. Here's how >


4. Open our Projects tool, and select the same Land F/X project that was active when you experienced the issue or error.



5. Attempt the same action that seemed to trigger the error. For example, if you got the error when you tried to label a plant, try placing and labeling a plant.


Did the same problem occur in the blank drawing?
  • Yes, I got the same issue in the blank drawing: It's time to send us a technical support ticket describing your issue in detail. If you received an error message, include the text of that error. And let us know that you were able to duplicate the issue in a blank drawing.
  • No, I was unable to duplicate the issue in the blank drawing: Read on.

Note that you can always search for your issue or error message in the search bar at the top of each of our Knowledge Base or Documentation pages (including this one). You may be able to find an article that can help you resolve your issue quickly and get back to work, rather than waiting for a resolution from our support team.


Can't duplicate the original issue in the blank drawing? The problem is almost certainly isolated to the drawing where you originally experienced the issue or received the error message. Try:


  • Cleaning your drawing

There's a good chance your issue is related to drawing corruption. At this point, we recommend opening the problematic drawing and following our steps for cleaning your drawings and Xrefs. It's imperative to complete this quick process on every drawing file, including all Xrefs, that you receive from a colleague, client, or other consultant. You can save time and prevent a multitude of problems by habitually cleaning your drawings.


  • Checking for locked layers

Unable to place objects in your drawing?

You might be trying to work on a locked layer. Test whether your layer is locked. If so, unlock the layer. Learn more about locked layers, and unlocking them, here.


  • Still not resolving the issue? Send us your drawing.

Still getting the issue after trying the quick fixes above? Can't find your issue in our Knowledge Base? It's time to send us a technical support ticket describing your issue in detail. If you received an error message, include the text of that error. And let us know that:

  • You were unable to duplicate the issue in a blank drawing.
  • You've tried:
    • Cleaning your drawing
    • Unlocking your layers
    • Searching for the issue in our Knowledge Base
Last modified on Oct 15, 2018


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