Graphics Missing or Unavailable in Dialog Box
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Graphics Missing or Unavailable in Dialog Box


You tried to place a graphic block using one of our graphic libraries, but some of the graphics are missing from the dialog box, as in the example shown below.


This issue may be occurring with any of our block libraries, including Plan Graphics, Elevation Graphics, or Discipline Graphics (pictured below).


Graphics missing from dialog box





This issue can occur if your Support ID has been removed from the _install_.xml in your LandFX folder.




1. Close CAD.




2. Navigate to your LandFX folder. If you have a single-user installation, it will be on your C: drive. In a multi-user office, it will be on your central server (pictured to the right) or a shared online location.



Locate and double-click the file _install_.xml within that folder.

_install_.xml file in LandFX folder




_install_.xml file opened in text editor application

3. The file will open in a text editor application, such as Notepad.



Your Support ID should be listed in the top line. If not, type it in where shown to the left.

Find your Support ID.


Once you've entered your Support ID, save and close the file. You should now be able to access your graphic libraries normally.

Last modified on Jul 28, 2022


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