Lateral Pipe Not Snapping Properly to Heads When Using XHair or Ortho
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Lateral Pipe Not Snapping Properly to Heads When Using XHair or Ortho


You're attempting to draw lateral pipe with either the XHair or Ortho setting enabled, but the pipe is not snapping to some or all of your intended heads. For example, the pipe may be:

  • Snapping to heads when you draw it from left to right, but not from right to left
  • Jumping upward and snapping to the selected heads to the right, but the linework is not snapping to the intended head

Is the pipe snapping to the heads but not snapping to the heads' center points? If so, here's what to do.





We've seen this issue result from a SNAPANG (Snap Angle) setting other than 0. Common causes include:

  • Having used the XHair tool and clicked a vertical line to snap to, which rotated which way the system saw "north" when using Ortho mode
  • Simply having this setting saved this way in your drawing template, which could potentially cause this same issue in other plans





You can resolve this issue quickly by setting the SNAPANG value back to 0 in your drawing.


Type SNAPANG in the Command line and press Enter. When prompted to set a value, type 0 and press Enter again.


Your lateral pipe should now snap to all heads correctly when you use the XHair or Ortho setting.

If you're seeing this issue in multiple files, you may want to repeat this step in your drawing template if you don't need your SNAPANG value set to anything other than 0. Not sure? Ask your CAD manager.

Last modified on Feb 09, 2023


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