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Error: Non-Planar Entity (Labeling or Scheduling a Groundcover)


You received the following error message when using Land F/X:

AutoCAD Error: Non-Planar Entity


This error occurs when Land F/X attempts to calculate a hatch area but is unable to complete the calculation. You might encounter this issue when generating a Plant Schedule or placing a groundcover hatch.



A hatch pattern boundary can become non-planar (i.e., not flat) when:

  • Its bounding polyline has been deleted
  • The hatch has an interior exclusion


Either way, you received this error because Land F/X is unable to calculate one of your groundcover hatches.



Use our Highlight Plant tool to test each of groundcover areas one at a time, and attempt to re-create the error.


Then use the Plant Label – Single Plant on each groundcover to try to track down the offending one. 

Last modified on Mar 13, 2018


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