Not All Plants in the Drawing Match the Project Data / Plant Data Mismatch / Error Adding Extended Data to Entity (Adding or Placing Plants)
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Not All Plants in the Drawing Match the Project Data / Plant Data Mismatch / Error Adding Extended Data to Entity (Adding or Placing Plants)



You saw one of the following error messages:

  • Not all plants in the drawing match the project data
  • Error adding extended data to entity
Not all plants in the drawing match the project data





These errors are letting you know that the current drawing contains blocks or hatches that contain Land F/X plant data, but no corresponding plant is listed in the Plant Manager or Concept Plant Manager. Although they've been placed in the drawing, these plants will not show up in the schedule. As a result, your schedule quantities will be incorrect.


This issue is normally caused by one of the following three situations:

  • You used the same Land F/X project with multiple designs (in different AutoCAD drawing files)
  • You have the incorrect project selected for this DWG.
  • You're experiencing a data mismatch between your project and your DWG.

Are you noticing that one or more of your plants are missing from the Plant Manager? If so, try these steps first.






Before doing anything else, click No in the error message.


If you've already closed the error message, just repeat the action that caused it to pop up. then click No.

Not all plants in the drawing match the project data message, OK button




Plants not in the current project are circled in Magenta

Another box will then come up letting you know that Plants not in the current project are circled in Magenta.


You can then identify the problem plants, which will make it easier for you to correct the issue.

Not seeing any of your plants highlighted in Magenta?

  • Make sure you zoom to extents to see whether you have highlighted plants in the distance, outside the extents of your site.


  • If your drawing includes Xrefs, try unchecking the Include Xrefs option when configuring your Plant Schedule to see whether the plant causing the issue is in an Xref – Land F/X can't highlight plants in an Xref.
Plant Schedule dialog box, Include Xrefs option unchecked


If the problematic plant is, in fact, in an Xref, you'll need to open the Xref file and run the schedule again to highlight the offending plants in magenta within that file, then follow the solutions laid out below.

Can't get the error to pop back up to click No?

That's OK. Just read on to determine what's causing the issue and complete the appropriate solution.




Your issue is likely resulting from one of three possible scenarios:.



It's extremely important to start a new project for each of your site designs. Using the same project with multiple designs (clients, sites, phases) can cause a number of issues, including the above-mentioned project data error. Before getting into the deeper fixes for this error, check whether you are using one project for multiple designs in different DWG files. If so, start a new project for each design and then follow the steps below to fix the data in each project.

Rather than reusing an existing project for a new drawing, you should turn the original project into a template. You can then start new projects based on that template. Each project you base on that template will include all data (such as plants) that you've added to the original project. For more information, see our Project Templates documentation.





To check for this issue, open our Projects tool:


F/X Admin ribbon, Project List button

F/X Admin ribbon, Project List button


F/X Admin menu

F/X Admin menu, Projects option

F/X Admin toolbar

F/X Admin toolbar






or type FX_ProjectFiles in the Command line




In the Land F/X Projects dialog box, check whether you have the correct project open.




If not, click the correct project to select it. Then click Open.

Land F/X Projects dialog box, Open button



If you find that you already have the correct project open, move on to the third possible cause/solution below.





Solution 1:

This solution will not currently work for Concept Plants – the data needed for mixes is too complex. If you're experiencing this issue with Concept Plants, you'll need to either:

  • Use our Match Properties tool to quickly update blocks and hatches in your drawing with the new version (Solution 2 below), or
  • Re-create your concept plan entirely and place the Concept Plants again




First, use our Highlight Plant tool to find out which plants are not associated with your Land FX project.



To reassociate the plants, select the Edit Plant / Block Data tool:


F/X Planting ribbon, Edit Plant button

F/X Planting ribbon, Edit Plant button




F/X Planting menu

F/X Planting menu, Edit Plant option

Plant Label toolbar

Plant Label toolbar








or type FX_PlantInfo in the Command line




The cursor will turn into a pickbox.



Click one type of plant. The system will automatically associate the correct data to all plants of that type.

If you receive this error message when attempting to generate a Plant Schedule, you may feel tempted to address the problem by importing a plant from another project. However, keep in mind that importing a plant that does not have an assigned symbol will not fix the problem. You are likely experiencing this issue because one or more of the plants in the current project do not have symbols assigned. To address the issue, use the Highlight Plant tool and then the Edit Plant / Block Data function, as described in Solution 1 above. In this way, you can select any of the plants highlighted in magenta. You can then select a symbol, or a border and hatch, for each plant that requires a symbol. You will then see that you can access the plant information.




Solution 2:

You can also use our Mimic Plant tool, which will take the properties from a plant you specify and assign them to another plant (or plants) you select.



Last modified on Thursday, 26 May 2022


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