Verify Callouts
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Verify Callouts

Our Verify Callouts feature is a valuable error-checking tool for your Reference Notes Callouts and other site callouts. Once you've finished calling out your Reference Notes, run Verify Callouts to make sure you've called them out properly.


Verify Callouts Overview

Open Verify Callouts:


F/X Site ribbon, Verify Callouts button


F/X Site ribbon, Verify Callouts button




Type FX_VerifyRefNotes in the Command line

F/X Site menu


F/X Site menu, Verify Callouts option




Verify Callouts will scan your drawing looking for Reference Notes that have yet to be called out.



You'll see a message that Items not called out have been highlighted.

Items not called out have been highlighted message




Items not called out highlighted in yellow

In your drawing, any block or hatch representing a Reference Note that has yet to be called out will be highlighted in yellow.



In this example, the play equipment pictured has yet to be called out. As a result, the block is surrounded by a yellow highlight when we run Verify Callouts.




Scan your drawing for items highlighted in yellow.




Follow our Reference Notes Callouts instructions to label any unlabeled Reference Notes.




Run Verify Callouts again.


Any items that were previously highlighted but that you've called out will no longer be highlighted, indicating that you've called them out properly.

Items called out correctly are not highlighted

What Verify Callouts Won't Do

Verify Callouts is our site and hardscape version of the Verify Labels tool, which error checks plant labels throughout your drawing. However, because it's designed to verify Reference Note callouts rather than plant labels, Verify Callouts will not make the following verifications:



Check Whether Each Instance of Each Reference Note Has Been Called Out

Verify Callouts assumes that you do not want to call out each and every Reference Note placement. For example, if you've placed several instances of the same bench, you'll likely only want to call out one or a few of them – as is common practice in the landscape design field. Therefore, it will not look for callouts on each and every placement of Reference Note blocks or hatches. Instead, it will ensure that you've called out each of your Reference Note at least once. So as long as you've called out one of your benches, Verify Callouts considers that type of bench to have been called out correctly.



Check for Reference Notes that Have Been Called Out More Than Once

Unlike Verify Label, which highlights plants that have been labeled more than once, Verify Callouts ignores Reference Notes with more than one callout. We engineered this feature purposely in the interest of allowing multiple callouts on a single Reference Note if needed. For example, some site hatches are large enough that they warrant multiple callouts – for example, at each edge.



Work Through an Xref Link

Verify Callouts won’t work on callouts labeling RefNotes through an Xref link.


Issue: Lines in Model Space are appearing extra thick when using Verify Callouts

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