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Unable to Edit Project or Preference Set Because a Former Employee is the Administrator


You need to make changes to either a Land F/X project or Preference Set, but another user who is no longer at your firm is currently set as the administrator for that project or Preference Set.


As a result, you can't make any changes – or even change who is set as the administrator.

If your office has set the permissions for a project or Preference Set using the By User option, only the person who is currently set as the administrator can change the user settings. Get more information about the permissions settings for Land F/X projects and Preference Sets.





Send us a technical support ticket letting us know the issue and providing the information described below, depending on whether you have Cloud or Local Data. Don't know which one you have? Find out here.


Cloud Data Users:

Let us know which of your projects or Preference Sets have the absent administrator, and we can set them back to Read/Write.



Local Data users:

First, create a new user with the same name as the existing entry for the former employee. To create a new user, click the New button beneath the list of users in either the Manage Preference Sets dialog box or the Project Manager, Permissions tab.



With that user account active, you can now either:

  • Set the project or Preference Set to Read/Write, or
  • Set a different user as the administrator for that project or Preference Set

There are no additional users available to add.


Getting this error message when trying to add a user? Here's what to do.

We can also remote in and override your settings to change all projects and/or Preference Sets in your office. However, this would necessitate a service charge.

Last modified on Dec 27, 2018


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