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Edit or Rescale Callouts, Site Blocks, or Plant Labels


You need to edit, rescale, or resize one of our site blocks or callouts, such as:






Note that completing the following steps on a source block file will change the size or appearance of that block permanently (or until you edit or scale it back to its original form). 


Step 1: Open the Source Block File

Locate and open the DWG file containing the source block for the block or callout you want to edit or rescale. For help locating the source files for the type of Land F/X object you need to edit, please see our Land F/X Blocks Folder documentation page.



Remember to open and edit both the LEFT( -L) and RIGHT (-R) versions of any callouts you need to edit or rescale.




Step 2: Edit or Rescale the Source Block in the DWG File

Make any necessary changes to the source block. Save the file to save your changes.

Editing a plant label? More information and instructions 


Step 3: Redefine Any Existing Blocks or Callouts in Your Drawing

If you've placed the block or callout in your drawing, you can now replace it with the edited version.


Type REDEFINEBLOCK in the Command line, and press Enter.


Go to the drawing where you've placed the callout or block, and click one instance. All placements of the same block or callout throughout the drawing should update to the new version.


If the Redefine Block command does not appear to be working, you can try this workaround.

For more information, see our Redefine Block documentation. 

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