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Our Irrigation Symbols

  • Our Irrigation Symbols Drawing
  • The Irrigation Symbols Library
  • Schedule Symbols
  • The Symbol Families
    • Symbol Sizes
    • An Example: The Spray Head Families
    • When you place a piece of irrigation equipment in a drawing, our software represents it with a symbol. Like our plant symbols, our irrigation symbols are available as blocks that come with your Irrigation F/X installation.



      Our symbol library includes symbols for the complete range of options from all manufacturers in our database – not just the basic group of symbols you are used to using for one manufacturer. As a result, adding and placing symbols can become complicated. Moreover, our software also allows you to create different types of irrigation schedules with schedule symbol options for all manufacturers. Faced with this level of choices, you'll likely find it easier to simply use our symbols rather than adding or creating your own.

      Our irrigation symbols download on demand. If you place a piece of equipment, the symbol should download as necessary. If you'd like, you can also download all irrigation symbols using our Check for Updates feature.

      For more information on our irrigation symbols, we encourage you to download and review our Irrigation Getting Started Guide, linked below.

      Our Irrigation Symbols Drawing

      We've consolidated images of all our irrigation symbols into a single drawing for your review (right-click the link and select Save Target As or Save Link As from the menu):


      We recommend saving this file to the folder LandFX/Admin, overwriting the existing file.


      Guide to Our Irrigation Symbols Drawing

      The Irrigation Symbol DWG contains 10 Layout tabs. The first four tabs show our spray head symbols. You'll also see tabs for rotors, point source (drip and bubblers), and equipment (valves, backflow, etc.), followed by tabs for the text description on customization of the symbols.


      Here's an example page from the drawing, which shows some of the spray head symbols:



      The first tab, Spray Heads 1, shows an example of the first four families of spray head symbols.


      How to Use Our Irrigation Symbols Drawing

      Plot the Irrigation Symbols Drawing using the LFX.ctb plot style – or with your revised CTB file if you've changed the line colors.


      Print each layout tab to an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper, and review the output of the symbols. These symbols are represented at the same size at which they'll appear in Paper Space. In Model Space, they'll be scaled for the scale you've set for the drawing.


      Review each printed layout tab for:

      • The 10 spray symbol families. You'll need to make a decision on which of these families will apply to which type of spray head you add to a project. You'll configure this setting in Irrigation Preferences.
      • The size of the symbols. Their printed size depicts how they will appear in the final Paper Space drawing. If you want them larger or smaller, you can adjust the size in the Irrigation Preferences.
      • The family associated with each group of spray heads. All other rotor heads and equipment allow you to select a symbol for a component you add to a project.
      • The lineweights used on these symbols. If they are generally too thick or thin for your standards, follow our instructions for Editing Our Irrigation Symbols.

      The Irrigation Symbols Library

      Each of our irrigation symbol blocks is stored in its own DWG csource file in the folder LandFX/Blocks/Graphics/Irrigation. The drawing files for each symbol type will be located in the folder with the corresponding name. For example, the folder spray contains all DWGs containing spray symbols.


      Keep in mind that you may not see these files in this folder until after you've used them in a drawing.




      Within the spray folder are the DWG files containing the spray symbol source blocks, along with the SLD and XML file for each symbol drawing.

      Maintaining a comprehensive library of symbols is a huge undertaking, and we wouldn't wish it on anybody. Some examples of symbol requirements that have come up recently include the Rain Bird HE-VANs (and before those were the really handy SQ nozzles), the Hunter MP-3500, and the Toro Precision series. That's a lot of symbols to have to maintain continuously, and it takes a tremendous effort on our part. One of the really wonderful benefits of using our irrigation design software is the ability to spec any equipment and know that a symbol will be assigned automatically.

      You can make minor edits to customize any of our irrigation symbol blocks. For example, you may want to change the lineweights or layer names and colors within our symbols to match your standards. You can also create or add your own irrigation symbol by overwriting the appropriate block from our library with the linework from your custom symbol. For more information, see our Adding Your Spray Symbols documentation page.




      Expanded Rotor Symbols Library

      As of 2019, we've expanded our collection of rotor symbols to include rotating arc indicators and symbols.


      • No Rotation:

      These symbols consist of our original default rotor blocks. The symbol will be fixed, and will place with no rotation. This symbol type does not show spray direction.




      • Arc Rotates:


      These symbols include an arc that serves as a spray direction indicator. The symbol itself will place as you see it here, and the arc will automatically face in the direction of the spray.




      • Symbol Rotates:


      With these symbols, the symbol and arc are fixed, and the entire block – including both the symbol and spray arc – will automatically rotate to face in the direction of the spray.

      For further information about these updated rotor symbols, see our updated rotor symbols documentation.


      To see our updated rotor symbols, download our irrigation symbols drawing.

      Schedule Symbols

      The blocks for the schedule symbols heads are located in the folder LandFX/Blocks/Graphics/Irrigation/Schedule_Symbols. When running an Irrigation Schedule, you can organize spray heads in two possible ways:

      • By Group
      • By Nozzle



      When you run a schedule “By Nozzle,” the symbol for each nozzle you've used will appear in the schedule. This option requires no special schedule symbol.



      When you run a schedule “By Group," the system will require a Schedule Symbol that relates to the options of grouping as applies to each manufacturer's requirements. Thus, in the case of 8’ radius spray heads, Rain Bird 1800 will require a group that lists four nozzles: Q, T, H, and F, whereas Toro 570 will require a group with six nozzles: Q, T, H, TT, TQ, and F. Each radius can have several options for schedule symbols, which appear to the side of the radius heads on the drawing.




      Schedule Symbols for Rotors

      For rotors, our default library of schedule symbols only includes the standard single symbol. If you want to use one of the updated four-arc symbols in your schedule, you can download these updated symbols using the link below.





      Once you've downloaded these symbols, save them into the folder LandFX\Blocks\graphics\irrigation\schedule_symbols.

      The Symbol Families

      Our Irrigation Symbols Drawing contains several "symbol families" for each type of irrigation equipment. Each family includes a number of related irrigation symbols, which will have a different structure, appearance, and organization particular to each equipment type.



      Symbol Sizes

      Our irrigation symbols were sized to fit into the space provided for them, along with at least a small length of pipe. This feature is especially critical for the smaller-diameter spray heads. We've sized our symbols with the following scales in mind:

      Up to 1”=20' scale: all symbols.

      1”=30' scale: all symbols with a 5' radius or greater.

      1”=40' scale: all symbols with an 8' radius or greater.




      An Example: The Spray Symbol Families

      To illustrate the general thinking behind our irrigation symbols, here is a breakdown of our spray symbol families. The descriptions below apply particularly to our spray symbols, but they should give you some idea of how we create and organize each family.

      Keep in mind that spray symbol families are assigned by Preference Set. You can select all other family types (e.g., rotors, rotary heads, etc.) on the fly.




      The image to the right shows a few of the spray symbols in Family 3, which denote heads that do not rotate.




      The image to the left shows more of the spray symbols in Family 3. If you see a symbol with a similar appearance to one you'd like to see in your drawing, you can open the DWG file containing that symbol (see Symbol Library Organization below).



      The blue text below each symbol indicates that symbol's DWG filename.


      Note that each symbol has its own DWG file – even symbols with the same radius but a different spray range.





      Our spray symbol library also includes a family called Family X. We created this symbol family specifically to allow users to customize the symbols. The symbols in Family X are essentially blank, allowing you to make extensive changes to them. Note that they are organized by radius size.




      The spray heads in Families 1, 2, and 3 are diagrammatic. When placed into a drawing, they will all be rotated to match the direction in which their arc pattern is pointing. When you save them, they should be pointing due east. Open some of these with specific arcs, such as 1/4 or 1/3, for a visual example. Spray head symbols in families 1 and 2 are either circular or hexagonal, and Family 3 consists mainly of square symbols.



      The spray heads in families 4 through 11 do not rotate when placed, as each has a numerical value for its radius. Symbols in these families have either a black letter in a white background or a white letter in a filled background.


      All irrigation symbol blocks are located in the appropriate subfolders within the folder LandFX/Blocks/Graphics/Irrigation. For example, the spray head symbols are located in the folder LandFX/Blocks/Graphics/Irrigation/Spray. Each family lists the various radii and arc requirements. If you turn on the layer X-TEXT-013M, the AutoCAD file name for each symbol will appear below the corresponding symbol.




      Selecting Spray Symbol Families

      As mentioned above, your spray symbol families will be assigned according to the Preference Set you're using for your system design. In the Irrigation Preferences, you'll assign one of the 10 spray head families to the types of spray heads. The first two families of spray head symbols will rotate with the direction in which the head is pointing. The other eight families of symbols don't rotate because they each contain a number representing the radius of the head. (An upside-down 9 would look like a 6, potentially causing confusion.)



      The available categories of spray heads in the Irrigation Preferences are:

      • Turf Spray: The default symbol family when you add a turf spray model to a project.
      • Turf Spray 2: The first alternate family, if you add an additional turf spray model to a project.
      • Shrub Spray: The default symbol family when you add a shrub spray model to a project.
      • Shrub Spray 2: The first alternate family, if you add an additional shrub spray model.
      • Shrub Spray 3: The second alternate family, if you add an additional shrub spray model.
      • Shrub Spray 4: The third alternate family, if you add an additional shrub spray model.



      For most projects, you can simply add a turf spray and a shrub spray. The families you select for Turf Spray and Shrub Spray will apply to the corresponding categories of heads the first time you add a turf or shrub spray to a project.


      The occasion may arise that you need to add an additional turf spray and/or additional shrub spray to a project. These items will be assigned to the symbol families selected for Turf Spray 2 and Shrub Spray 2. We also allow for occasions when you may need to add two more shrub spray types to a project; Shrub Spray 3 and Shrub Spray 4 are symbol families for these items.

      Editing Our Irrigation Symbols

      Our irrigation symbols may be close in appearance to what you want ... but not quite. For example, their lineweights may be too thick or too thin for your office standards. For information on making minor edits to our symbols, please see our documentation page on Editing Our Irrigation Symbols.




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