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  Jul 21, 2021
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I'm creating a series of details using manufacture cutsheets (.jpg). I insert them in the the drawing as OLE objects so there's no chance of a xref link being broken. I open the JPG in paint and select all and copy and paste into cad. For some reason when I go to save the detail to the system there are 4 possible outcomes. 1) It works fine. I can insert the detail into a project sheet and everything shows up. 2) It saves but when I insert it into the the project sheet the OLE doesn't show up. 3) There is an "Error Saving File" response and the detail won't save. 4) It saves but when I insert it into a project sheet I get an *Invalid* response.

It seems to be an issue with the OLE, but I use the same process to create each one.
Clay, we'll look at this, but xref is the supported method for referencing jpgs in details.
You might consider creating a folder in your LandFX folder where the details folder is to store any images needed for details, and attach them relatively. That way they'll never get detached since they'll always move with the details folder.

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