Adding Details to a Project
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Adding Details to a Project

We offer several ways to add details to a Land F/X project.


Adding Details with the Detail Explorer

The Detail Explorer allows you to drag and drop other details to a project file location, thus automatically adding them to that project. This capability can be useful for several reasons:

  • A detail that is Copied or Moved, or is Saved to this file location, is automatically added to the project – saving you a step.
  • Some firms like the idea of organizing all details that relate to a specific project in one location.
  • You may have saved previous "prototype" details that need some finishing touches specific to the needs of a project. Copy the prototype detail to the project folder, where it becomes a unique detail. Then edit and finalize that detail just for this project. The detail will be saved with the project.




Step 1: Assign a Detail File Location to a Project

Before you use Detail Explorer to add details to a project, you'll need to assign a detail file location to your project.




Once you've assigned this folder location, its path will appear in the Detail Folder field in the Project Manager, as shown to the right.



You can always click Browse to change this folder setting as needed.

The organizational structure of your detail categories and the corresponding folders will depend on your preferences or office standards. For more information on detail categories, see our Creating a New Category documentation.

Project Manager, Detail Folder field, Browse button



Step 2: Drag and Drop Details Within the Detail Explorer

You can use the Detail Explorer to add details to a project by "dragging and dropping" details from one detail file location to your project's detail file location.


Dragging details between locations in the Detail Explorer

For information on accessing the Detail Explorer, see our Detail Explorer documentation.




Searching for Details in the Detail Explorer


Searching for keywords in the Detail Explorer

We've made it easy to search for details in the Detail Explorer. You can search for keywords in the detail category names, the detail titles, or both.

More information and instructions



Adding Details with the Detail Manager

You can also add details to your project by using the Detail Manager. Open the Detail Manager:


F/X Details ribbon, Detail Manager flyout


F/X Details ribbon, Detail Manager flyout



F/X Details menu


F/X Details menu, Detail Manager option

Details toolbar


Details toolbar




Detail Manager toolbar


Detail Manager toolbar



or type FX_DetailManager in the Command line




Detail Manager, New button

Within the Detail Manager for your project, you can click New to view the Detail Categories and then select a detail to add to your project.

Adding a detail to a project is like placing a paper version of a detail into a manila folder. When you're ready, you look through your manila folder and find your detail, and then paste it onto a drawing. The Detail Manager is your “manila folder,” and when you place the detail, you're putting it into a CAD drawing.




You'll then see an Add Details to Project dialog box.


To add a detail to your project, select it and click Add to Project.

Add Details to Project dialog box, Add to Project button




Searching for Details While Adding Them from the Detail Manager


Detail Manager, search field

At the top left corner of the Detail Manager, you'll see a search field where you can type in your search terms to look for details.




Click the button with the three dots to choose whether you want to search for a keyword in the detail categories, in the titles of details, or both.

Detail Manager, search options button




Detail Manager, search options

You'll now see two options for searching for your keywords:

  • Category titles
  • Detail titles


Select one or both of these options to refine your search, and click OK.




Type your keyword in the search field (example: Wall), then click Search.


All detail categories and/or detail titles that do not include your search term will be filtered out of the list.


Note that the detail folders will all be collapsed at this point, so you'll need to expand them to locate the specific detail you're looking for.

Searching for a detail in the Detail Manager




Expanding categories and subcategories in the Detail Manager

In our example, we've expanded the CONCRETE category and then the SITE CONCRETE subcategory to get to all the details in that subcategory whose title include the keyword Wall.


Select a detail and click Add to Project to add it to your project.




To reset the search results, just delete the keyword from the search field.

Adding Details Using Reference Notes

When you add a Reference Note (RefNote) to a project, you can also associate a detail with that RefNote and add that detail to your project.



In the New Reference Note dialog box, click the ... (Set Detail) button to open the Detail Manager for the current project.


New Reference Note dialog box, Set Detail button



In the Detail Manager for your project, you can now either:

  • Highlight a detail already added to the project, or
  • Add a new detail to the project and associate it with the specific note in question




When you place that detail into a drawing, the detail number and sheet number will be displayed in the Reference Notes Schedule.

For more information on adding RefNotes to your project, including accessing the Reference Notes Manager and the New Reference Note dialog box, see our Add Reference Notes to a Project documentation section.

Adding Details with the Plant or Irrigation Manager


Plant Manager


Within the Plant Manager for your project, click Detail while a particular category of plant is selected.



In this example, we'll set a default detail for trees in this project. (Of course, you can also apply these steps to shrubs, Shrub Areas, and groundcovers in your project.)

Plant Manager, Detail button



The Add Details to Project dialog box will open. There, you can select a "default" detail for the selected plant category that will apply to most or all plants you add to your project from that category.


In this example, we'll select the detail TREE SINGLE STAKE PLANTING, which will then apply to all trees in the current Land F/X project. Click OK to associate the detail.

Adfd Details to Project dialog box



The system will automatically associate this detail with all trees and add the detail to the Detail Manager for the current project.




To assign a different detail to a particular plant in your project, highlight that plant in the Plant Manager and click Edit.
Plant Manager dialog box, Edit button



Plant Info dialog box, Set Detail and Remove Detail buttons

In the Plant Info dialog box, click the ... (Set Detail) button.


You'll now be able to assign – and thus add to your project – a different detail that will be assigned to this plant.


You can also click the Remove Detail button to remove the detail from the plant.




In the Plant Manager, highlight and Edit each plant that you want to associate with a detail other than the default detail. You can then assign the detail of your choice to the selected plant. Of course, several plants can have the same detail that deviates from the default detail.

The associated details will have "smart" associations with the plants they're assigned to. Therefore, when you place the added details to sheets in your drawing set and run a Plant Schedule, you can have that schedule list the detail number and sheet number for each plant’s detail.




Irrigation Manager


In the Irrigation Manager, highlight a piece of irrigation equipment. Then click Detail.

Irrigation Manager, Detail button




The Add Details to Project dialog box will open. Select the detail you'd like to add to the selected piece of equipment, then click OK.


Add Details to Project dialog box
Add Details to Project dialog box, Copy to Project Detail Folder option

You also have the option to copy the detail to the current project's detail folder.



To do so, select the Copy to Project Detail Folder option before clicking OK.

Once you add the detail to your project, it will also have a "smart" association with the selected equipment. As a result, when you place the added details to sheets in your drawing set and run an Irrigation Schedule, you can set that schedule to list the detail number and sheet number for each type of equipment

Listing Your Project Details in a Schedule

Want to list your project details in a schedule? No problem! Just assign each detail to a Reference Note, then use the Reference Notes Schedule to list your details. Here's how (and why) >

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Issue: The Details folder structure seems to have changed with recent updates.


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Issue: Error: "Not a Record of detail (DETAIL NUMBER) in Master Detail Database" when placing a detail


Issue: Details are missing from the Detail Manager but are visible in the Detail Explorer


Issue: You are experiencing a significant delay when attempting to add or place details


Issue: Disassociate or remove a detail folder from a project or detail category


Issue: You tried to associate a project with a detail category/folder, and received the message "That category is already being used by another project"


Issue: You are unable to create a project-specific folder when adding a detail


Issue: When adding a detail to a project, you saw the following message: "This project does not have a detail folder assigned. Would you like to do that now?"

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