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Install Multi-User Land F/X on an Office Server

The steps on this page will result in a multi-user Land F/X installation. Your office workstations will access Land F/X through either:

  • An office server or shared online folder using Cloud Data, or
  • An office server using Local Data (MySQL)


Database Options


Cloud Data Setup:

If you choose the Cloud Data option, you will have:

  • The Land F/X Server component installed on your central office server.

  • A shared LandFX folder on your office server. This folder will store your firm's shared Land F/X content.

  • A connection from your server and each CAD workstation in your office to LandFX.com, which will enable access to the Land F/X Cloud Database.




Local Data Setup:

If you choose the Local Data (MySQL) option, you will have:

  • The Land F/X Server component installed on your central office server.

  • A shared LandFX folder on your office server. This folder will store your firm's shared Land F/X content.

  • A connection between each CAD workstation in your office and your Land F/X server, allowing users to access content from the shared LandFX folder.


Step 1: Prerequisites

To complete this installation, you will need:

To be physically on and logged in to your office server (if choosing Local Data).


Your Land F/X Support ID*.

*You or your office will have received your Support ID in an email from Land F/X.


The location where you will be storing your LandFX folder.

The LandFX folder is a folder on your computer, office server, or shared online folder that contains a number of important items our software requires in order to function. Learn more about the LandFX folder and where to store it


The name of your office server.

Land F/X is compatible with AutoCAD, F/X CAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D, or AutoCAD Architecture, version 2013 or newer.

Land F/X is not compatible with AutoCAD LT.


If you are unsure of any of these items, please contact your IT administrator.


Step 2: Download and run the installer

2A. If you plan to use Local Data (MySQL), log in to your server.

If you plan to use Cloud Data, you do not need to be physically logged in to your server.


2B. Right-click one of the two Land F/X installer download links below, depending on your desired database type. Don't know which one to use? Ask your IT administrator or CAD manager.


Planning to use Cloud Data? Use this installer link:


Planning to use Local Data (MySQL)? Use this installer link:


2C. Select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the menu that appears, and save the file to your desktop.


Step 3: Install Land F/X


3A. Go to your desktop, and open the file complete_setup if you saved it there. If you clicked the link directly, this file will likely be in your Downloads folder.


Double-click the complete_setup file and proceed through the installation steps, paying special attention to the Installation TypeDestination Folder, and Database Installation steps, as described below. 



3B. Installation Type

During the Installation Type step of the installation process, select Server Only and click Next.


3C. Destination Folder

During the Destination Folder step, you will be asked where to install the LandFX folder. This location will need to be shared on your network, so make sure it's an appropriate location. Make sure your users have full permissions for that location.

More information on the LandFX folder and where to place it

Ideally, this location should be accessible through a mapped letter drive on all workstations. How to map a letter drive to your LandFX folder >


Do you have many remote users? Consider putting the Land F/X folder on a third-party shared online folder – like Dropbox, Onedrive, or something similar. You are also welcome to use the default location of C:/LandFX and then move your LandFX folder to a shared online folder later.



3D. Database Installation

During the Database Installation step, select the type of database you want to use: Cloud Data or Local Data.


 Click Next when finished.

We recommend the Cloud Data option in most cases. Here's why >

Step 4: Share the LandFX Folder

4A. Share the LandFX folder on your network, and ensure that your users have full permissions.



4B. Create a firewall exception (if choosing Local Data)

If you selected the Local Data option, add exception in your firewall for port 3306 (if using a firewall other than Microsoft Windows Firewall).



Video Resources for this article

Watch brief Power Tip videos on:

Step 5: Configure the workstations

Set up the workstations in your office to use Land F/X:

Workstations with AutoCAD

Workstations with F/X CAD

Step 6: Set up a backup system for Land F/X

It's extremely important to implement a good backup system for the Land F/X MySQL database.

Your normal automated backup steps will be incomplete due to the MySQL database file permissions.

Please read this article about complete backup solutions and automated procedures.


Step 7 (Optional – Cloud Data only): Delete the file MySQL Server 5.5

Certain versions may leave an initial file named MySQL Server 5.5 installed but not running.


If so, you're welcome to uninstall this file if you selected Cloud Data. To do so, go to Contol Panel/Programs and Features, select the file MySQL Server 5.5, and click Uninstall.


Last modified on Friday, July 28 2017


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