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It’s time for the annual Land F/X Photo Contest! Now’s your chance to share your best design work with the Land F/X community. Any project you’ve created using our software is fair game, and you can submit for as many projects as you want. It’s not just about bragging rights – we’ve put together some sweet prizes for winners in several categories. We always look forward to this exciting friendly competition, and we hope you do too!

Awards and Prizes
First Place

The Cover Shot award is “first place,” if you will. This means the submitted project photo was too good to keep to ourselves, and we had to put that breathtaking work of art on display. If we select your photo as our official Cover Shot, we'll feature it on the cover of this year’s Land F/X brochure for the entire Land F/X community to see.

Second PLace


From concept to construction, every project you complete is a cohesive story in its own right. The Trifecta award is our way of showcasing each chapter of that story – and recognizing that you’ve created a tour de force. To qualify one of your projects for our Trifecta award, submit the CAD files, SketchUp rendering, and a photo of the finished project. Tell us your story!

Third Place


Help us see your project in a whole new light! The Perspective award goes to the submitted photo with the most stunning, imaginative, quirky, or just plain different view of the project. Whether you opt for aerial or drone shots, or just an artistic interpretation of how you’d like the world to see your completed project. We'd love to see your perspective!

Photo Categories

When submitting, think about what will look great as a spread in the upcoming Land F/X brochure. Each winning entry will show a spectacular site plan while also demonstrating how our software helped make it so spectacular. For examples, check the image beneath each category text.


In short, make your best planting design look their best. Plants should be somewhat mature and be in the most picturesque time of the blooming cycle. Choose the time of day (or night) that will produce the optimum light/shade combination.


Provide photos that show the beauty and breadth of your design. Don’t worry about capturing the watering cycle. Instead, submit your DWG files as well, so we can interlay them with the photos to marry the technical with the aesthetic.


Want to win this category? Use a third-party rendering engine for the best possible lighting. Then complement your site photo with your high-quality SketchUp rendering.

(See our More SketchUp Resources page for details.)


Choose your most intricate, detailed (pun intended) creations for this category. Submit a photo of the finished site along with the actual details you created using our software and used in building your design.


Complement your gorgeous site photos with corresponding vivid presentation docs you’ve created using our Color Render tool. Make sure the renderings relate well to the photos so we can really see how helpful Color Render was in the design process.


Custom paver patterns? Intricate rock walls? Winding pathways? Stunning outdoor kitchens? They’re all fair game. Include your SketchUp models and details to show the design process, and feel free to note which Land F/X tools you used.

Landscape Photography Webinar:

Landscape Architecture Photography: Composition, Light and People

Follow along with guest presenter Sahar Coston-Hardy, a professional landscape architecture photographer, working for award winning firms and featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine, as she outlines the fundamentals of getting the perfect shot of your design. She'll cover what it takes to capture visually captivating photographs of urban design. This webinar is full of great tips for an aspiring photographer or for a landscape architect looking to elevate their own project photographs.
Presented By: Sahar Coston-Hardy

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