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Bob Luther

Just wondering how people have handled a plantable wall in LandFX, since you cannot see the square footage on the vertical surface how have people added he plant materials to these walls and made them work with the planting manager and the plant legend?

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01/14/2020 @ 1:43 pm


I think one good way to draw this would be to have the more linear symbol in the plan for the wall itself, but off to the side have an elevation drawing at 1:1 scale of the Vedura wall. Place your plant symbols or hatches on the vertical elevation. Place that as an elevation/enlargement on a sheet through a viewport. Use the Sheet-Callout Discipline block to direct the main plan to that view.


If you don't have any work areas, the plants on the wall elevation will appear in the main schedule. You could also place a work area just around the wall to get a schedule for only it. You might want a work area to set the different scale for annotation.



That's one idea!


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