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Slope Callouts

You can use our Slope Callouts tool to place callouts that show the percentage and direction of slopes in your drawing. You can also use this tool in conjunction with our Spot Elevation tool to call out the slope between two existing elevations.



Slope callouts are related to Spot Elevations. For more information, see our Spot Elevation documentation page.

Placing a Slope Callout

Open the Slope Callout tool:



F/X Site ribbon, Slope Callout flyout





Site Dimension toolbar


F/X Site menu, Slope Callout option




or type FX_PlaceSlopeCallout in the Command line






The cursor will turn into a pickbox. The Command line will indicate: Arrow Point, or select slope dimension or first spot elevation.



You have three options at this point:



Place an Arrow Point Manually

To place an arrow point manually, just click to place the callout arrow. You can then use the mouse to orient the callout, and then type the slope percentage in the Slope dialog box.




Select the arrow point location, then adjust the orientation of the slope callout.




Type the slope percentage in the dialog box.




The slope callout will be placed.




Select a Slope Dimension Line


The cursor will turn into a pickbox when you open the Slope Callout tool. Use the pickbox to select one of the slope dimension lines that appear when you place Spot Elevations in relation to each other.



Use the pickbox to select an elevation "dimension line."






A callout of that slope will appear along the line.




Because the dimension line is non-plot, it will not show up when you plot.




Select Two Spot Elevation Callouts

You can also pick two Spot Elevation callouts. A slope callout will appear between the two Spot Elevation callouts with the percentage of slope indicated for these elevations.




Use the pickbox to select the text portion of first Spot Elevation callout. Then select the text portion of the second Spot Elevation callout.



The slope callout will be placed between the two.

When selecting two Spot Elevation callouts, make sure you select the text portions of the callouts. Otherwise, the Slope Elevation callout will come in blank.

When calculating a clope, note that if you select a Spot Elevation callout that lists multiple elevations, the system will use the Point 1 elevation for the calculation.

Correcting Scale With Slope Callouts

If your slope callout text is coming in too big or too small in relation to the rest of your drawing, you're most likely facing a scaling issue. If this is the case, follow our steps to correct scale in callouts.



If you want to make permanent changes to the size or scale of the entire slope callout as it inserts in your drawings, you can do so by editing the slope callout source blocks.

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Issue: Spot Elevations and/or Slope Callouts are oriented incorrectly or pointing in the wrong direction


Issue: Slope Callouts are coming in blank


Issue: You placed a Slope Callout inside a Work Area with a UCS assigned to it, and the callout aligned to that UCS rather than to the WCS


Issue: Outside Limits error message in the Command line / you are unable to Slope Callouts / can't see Slope Callouts in Model Space


Issue: Your Slope Callout arrows are hollow, not solid, or displaying as lines only


Issue: When you edit a Spot Elevation callout, you are no longer able to use the Slope Callout tool for automatic Slope Callouts between two Spot Elevations.


Issue: You received an Invalid Input error when attempting to place a Slope Callout<

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